United Nations Food and
Agriculture Organization


UNFAO stands for United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. Its mission is to provide agricultural stability, which it accomplishes by tackling food security, forestry, and fisheries challenges. This committee's delegates will combine humanitarianism and science to work towards achieving the ultimate goal: ensuring that people have regular access to high-quality food and lead active healthy lives. Ocean wildlife populations are severely diminished as a result of overfishing. Overfishing occurs when a large number of fish are caught at once, causing the reproductive population to become too reduced to recover. Approximately three billion people in the world rely on fishing as their primary source of protein. These numbers have led to endangering ocean ecosystems and the billions of people who rely on seafood as a key source of their nutrition. Delegates in this committee will discuss alternatives to mass fish consumption and other sources of income for countries and communities that depend so heavily on fishing.


This committee is designed for beginners. Position papers, although strongly recommended, are not required. However, they are mandatory for delegates wishing to be considered for awards. The deadline for position papers is November 5th, 2021 at 23:59 PST. More information about position papers can be found under 'resources. If you have any questions regarding this committee, please contact Lorig Korajian, our USG of Committees at committees@abbymun.com. Please submit all position papers to unfao@abbymun.com

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Violet Zhu  |  Director

An ambitious student hoping to make the most of her senior year at Panorama Ridge Secondary School, Violet is so honoured to serve as the Director of UNFAO for AbbyMUN 2021. Ever since she was reluctantly dragged into the world of MUN, Violet has loved the exhilaration of a room full of passionate peers and the satisfaction of resolving a good debate. Now, she is forever indebted to MUN for the way it has helped coax her out of her quiet shell, and Violet looks forward to the rest of her adventurous MUN journey. When Violet isn’t questioning her life decisions, she enjoys reading classics, singing loudly, dancing, and bothering her birds. Violet is thrilled to meet everyone at AbbyMUN 2021, and wishes you all a fruitful experience! 

Rabbani Batra  |  Chair

Rabbani Batra is a sophomore at Abbotsford Senior Secondary School and is honoured to be serving as your Chair for UNFAO at AbbyMUN 2021.  She is never afraid to try new things. She is ambitious and always ready to help others. She plays the violin, is an artist and is an avid reader. She has attended many MUNs and hopes she can use her experience to make this committee the best experience for everyone involved. She looks forward to meeting everyone at AbbyMUN!


Michael Xie  |  Assistant Director

Michael is a grade 8 student attending St Michaels University School, attempting to make his community a better place. With this being his first time attending a MUN conference as a staff member, he hopes to develop new skills and gain experience. Michael can typically be found at the golf course or in his room playing his guitar, which he is extremely passionate about. Michael is very excited to be a staff member at AbbyMUN 2021!