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The International Criminal Police Organization

Cryptocurrency Money Laundering

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Ethan Curtis

Ethan is a high school student, currently studying on Vancouver Island, and is ecstatic to be serving as this year's Director of INTERPOL and USG of IT at AbbyMUN. Attending his first conference in 2019, Ethan was absolutely silent. Only after many failures and learning experiences, has Ethan manifested his love for Model United Nations, gaining the confidence and motivation required to engage in high-level debates. Through serving on the secretariat team at AbbyMUN, Ethan is hoping to help beginner delegates gain a similar set of memories and friendships to those he has accumulated over the past few years. Outside the exhilarating world of MUN, Ethan spends his time practicing and competing in tennis tournaments, playing the violin and piano, programming, and enjoying music. Ethan hopes to make AbbyMUN 2022 an enjoyable experience for all delegates, and looks forward to meeting them!

Arjun Sidhu |  Chair

Maya Nino |  Assistant Director

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