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Abbotsford Model United Nations' fourth iteration is taking place this year, on November 25th. AbbyMUN is dedicated to providing all delegates with a true MUN experience, inspiring a love of debate, and honing talent in public speaking. For those new to Model United Nations, this is a fun extracurricular activity that enables students to engage in debate over real-world issues, improve their public speaking, and be in a safe space to gain the confidence to speak in front of groups.


At its core, Model UN is intended to provide a simulation of the real United Nations. Each student is a delegate for a country of their choice. Similar to the real United Nations, each MUN conference has different committees, which focus on different types of global issues. At the actual conference, the student speaks on behalf of the country they chose and collaborates with other students to create solutions for these global issues. When the debate between countries begins on how to best approach these global issues in favour of the overall good of the world, it can lead to a fun and exciting opportunity for students to improve their speech-writing, public speaking, debate, negotiation, and teamwork skills, all while building confidence! 

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

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