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United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization

Copyright of GMO seeds

Yingfan Bai



A high school student at St. Michaels University school in Victoria BC, Yingfan has the utmost honour of serving as the Director for UNFAO and USG of Media at AbbyMUN 2022. Ever since her first MUN conference 3 years ago, Yingfan has grown increasingly invested in the activity. Her progression from a five-second speech to the speaker she is today would have been impossible without the support of her friends and the various staff members she has met along the way. Outside the committee room, Yingfan can be found dancing, swimming, watching Netflix, or hanging out with friends. Yingfan looks forward to meeting all delegates and sincerely hopes that AbbyMUN 2022 will be a weekend full of memories and new friendships. 

Helga Chan |  Chair

Apollin Lu |  Assistant Director

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