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Rabbani Batra


Rabbani Batra is a senior at Abbotsford Senior Secondary School, and she is looking forward to serving as the Co-Secretary-General for AbbyMUN 2023. Rabbani has been participating in MUNs for over three years, and she has enjoyed every step of her journey; from a nervous first-time delegate to a now confident Secretary-General. She wishes to bring the thrill of debating and collaborating to solve problems in different committees to the delegates and hopes that everyone enjoys AbbyMUN 2023. Outside of Model UN, Rabbani can be found painting, reading, and finishing the seemingly endless pile of IB school work. She also loves travelling and volunteering in her community and is interested in law and political science. Rabbani strives to make AbbyMUN 2023 a highly informative conference and a remarkable iteration for all delegates. She looks forward to meeting everyone in November!


Raissa Batra


Raissa Batra is a senior at Abbotsford Senior Secondary School and looks forward to serving as the Co-Secretary General of AbbyMUN 2023. Her journey into MUNs started in 2020, igniting a passion for politics and global affairs that has continued to grow ever since. Entering the world of MUNs has just continued to enhance her skills and has fueled her aim to study Law and Politics in the coming years. She aims to create a positive platform where delegates can engage in meaningful debates and where beginner delegates feel comfortable sharing their ideas. Beyond MUNs, she loves to write, read, and travel. She hopes to make AbbyMUN 2023 a fruitful experience for everyone!

Ruonan Zhao (1)_edited.jpg

Ruonan Zhao

Chief of Staff

Currently a junior student in high school, Ruonan is ecstatic to serve as the Chief of Staff of ABBYMUN 2023. Immediately captivated by the exhilarating debates and lively interactions with other delegates and staff, Ruonan has developed a unique passion for the world of diplomacy, discussion, and international relations. Gaining tremendous amounts of knowledge throughout her journey in MUN, Ruonan hopes to provide an unforgettable experience for the delegates of ABBYMUN. Outside of MUN, Ruonan can be found actively stretching after playing badminton, or streaming songs by Jay Chou on repeat.


Annalise Politis

USG of Conference

Annalise is a Grade 12  student currently attending Saint Patricks Regional High School and is ecstatic to be serving as the USG of Conference for ABBYMUN 2023.  Ever since her first conference in 2019 she grew her passion for Model United Nations. From the intense  atmosphere of moderated caucus’s and the exhilarating feeling of passing a resolution paper, never fails to give Annalise a rush of adrenaline.  Annalise has met long term friends and made memories that will last a lifetime. Outside the debate floor,  Annalise spends her time spending her life savings on candles, sketching whatever her heart desires and cuddling with her rabbit.  Annalise is looking forward to ABBYMUN 2023 and is excited to meet everyone!


USG of Delegate Affairs

Helga Chan

Attending her Grade 11 year at St. Patrick Regional Secondary in Vancouver, BC, Helga is thrilled to be serving as the USG of Delegate Affairs for AbbyMUN 2023. As a once-beginner delegate in Grade 8, her favourite aspect of Model UN has always been the opportunity to observe her personal growth - in confidence, communication, diplomacy, and understanding of the world around her - from the beginning of the conference to the end. Thus, she is determined to offer the same positive and exciting experience to oncoming delegates. When not pretending to know what she is talking about in committee sessions, she can be found dancing, stalking the real estate market in various parts of the world, procrastinating on homework, or watching Netflix documentaries to convince herself that she is having a productive day in spite of the aforementioned undone homework. Helga wishes the best of luck to all attending delegates of AbbyMUN 2023.


Chetanbir Brar

USG of Committees

Chetanbir Brar is a Grade 12 student at Garibaldi Secondary School in Maple Ridge. Over the past three years, he has actively participated in Model United Nations (MUN) conferences, developing a strong understanding of international relations and diplomacy. This year, he's taken on a secretariat position for the first time, showcasing his leadership abilities and dedication to MUN. Apart from his academic pursuits, Chetanbir is a passionate badminton player and sports enthusiast. His interests also extend to photography, where he skillfully captures captivating moments. With a thirst for new challenges and a commitment to excellence, Chetanbir continues to excel in various aspects of his life.


Eric He

USG of Outreach

Eric is a senior at Pacific Academy and is currently completing his International Baccalaureate Diploma. He is honoured to serve as the USG of Outreach for AbbyMUN 2023. After attending his first Model UN conference as an inexperienced 11th grader, Eric became enthralled in the fascinating world of public speaking and public affairs. In his free time, he can be found blasting his favourite soundcloud artists, thrifting for hidden gems, and cramming for his exams. Eric believes AbbyMUN 2023 will be just as exciting and unforgettable as the previous conferences and looks forward to meeting everyone!


Celeste Cao

USG of Media

Celeste Cao is a junior attending Crofton House School, who will be serving as the Under-Secretary-General of Media at AbbyMUN 2023. This will be her first official year participating in Model UN, and she is thrilled to be a part of this prestigious conference. Celeste is fascinated by how Model UN provides a stage for everyone to express their opinions on global affairs. Outside of MUN, Celeste enjoys traveling and photography, which adds to her adventurous spirit. As the USG of Media, she looks forward to meeting the delegates and hopes to make the conference a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.


Gurarmaan Dhillon


A student at Abbotsford Senior Secondary, Gurarmaan Dhillon entered the world of MUN in his freshman year of high school. While he managed to avoid the aversion to public speaking that typically overtakes a newcomer, the uncontrollable laughter he suffered in his speeches at his first mock conference regarding feminine hygiene products was arguably far worse. But after three years and a number of conferences later, Gurarmaan has honed his craft with enough prowess to have the privilege of serving as USG of IT in the last AbbyMUN he’ll witness before graduation. With an active role in his school’s MUN and Debate clubs, Gurarmaan is heavily invested in global affairs. He is also enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program, headquartered in Geneva, and has risen to the top of his class in numerous subjects. In the little free time that remains, he likes to de-stress as an avid anime enjoyer.
Gurarmaan urges everyone reading this to participate in the conference and engage in rich discussions about the political and economic state of the world.

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