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Mohkam Malik


Mohkam S. Malik is currently a grade 12 student at Johnston heights and excited to be your Secretary General for AbbyMUN 2022. Over the course of the conference he hopes all delegates fall in love with mun as he has, but most of all, to enjoy their time at AbbyMUN. Other than the educational side of Model UN, he enjoys the social aspects of model UN he has been able to make new friends and connections. Mohkam is ecstatic to give back to the MUN community and serve on the AbbyMUN Secretariat team. Outside of Model UN, Mohkam can be found playing the harmonium, studying for his many IB tests and kayaking on B.C's many lakes. He hopes that despite it being the Frazer Valleys' only Model UN Conference, AbbyMUN 2022 will be a remarkable iteration that will be able to provide the same exhilarating experience that made him fall in love with MUN. He is looking forward to seeing you in November!


Rabbani Batra


Rabbani Batra is a junior at Abbotsford Senior Secondary School and she is looking forward to serving as the Director-General for AbbyMUN 2022. She has been participating in MUNs since 2020 and loves the experience of debating and solving problems in a committee. Besides participating in MUNs and doing IB schoolwork, she can be found painting, reading, and playing the violin. She loves volunteering in the community and tutoring people online and is highly interested in politics and business. She hopes to make AbbyMUN a highly informative conference that will surely be a good experience for all delegates.  (PFP coming soon!)

Annalise Politis

Chief of Staff

Annalise is a Grade 11 student currently attending Saint Patricks Regional High School and is ecstatic to be serving as the Chief of Staff for ABBYMUN 2022.  Ever since her first conference in 2019 she grew her passion for Model United Nations. From the intense atmosphere of moderated caucus’s and the exhilarating feeling of passing a resolution paper, never fails to give Annalise a rush of adrenaline.  Annalise has met long term friends and made memories that will last a lifetime. Outside the debate floor,  Annalise spends her time spending her life savings on candles, sketching whatever her heart desires and cuddling with her rabbit.  Annalise is looking forward to ABBYMUN 2022 and is excited to meet everyone! 

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Celina Qu

USG of Conference

A sophomore at Semiahmoo Secondary, Celina is ecstatic to serve as the USG of Conference for AbbyMUN 2022. Between waging nuclear war in the Senate and narrowly escaping annexation in the Historical Cabinet, she has come to treasure all the meticulously crafted speeches and everlasting friendships woven within Hyatt Regency’s committee rooms. She has grown familiar with wading through chandelier-lit ballrooms for opening ceremonies and sleepless midnight crises alike—has grown to love the nuanced political discussion and intricate policy exploration that MUN stands for. When not writing her next directive, Celina can be found struggling to decipher Akkadian cuneiform, replaying yet another indie Metroidvania game, and watching Arch Linux send a torpedo through her laptop for the twelfth time. She hopes that CAIMUN will be an unforgettable conference for everyone, and looks forward to meeting all delegates in November!


Ayaan  Jeraj

USG of Outreach

Ayaan Jeraj is currently a Junior at Prince of Wales Secondary School in Vancouver, British Columbia. He entered the world of Model United Nations in 2018 and was pleasantly surprised when MUN quickly became an integral aspect of his life. He has served as the President of his school’s Model UN Club - PWMUNC and the Founder and Secretary General of PWVMUN since 2020. When Ayaan is not participating in MUN, he enjoys performing in his school band and playing sports such as golf, soccer, and baseball. Ayaan is excited about returning as a member of the AbbyMUN Secretariat and hopes that all delegates get the best experience, make many new friends and grow to love with MUN as much as he has over the years. 

Raissa Batra

USG of Delegate Affairs

Raissa Batra is a junior at Abbotsford Senior Secondary School. She is an ambitious girl who is resourceful and easily approachable. As a trilingual, she speaks English, Hindi and Punjabi. She started MUNs in 2020 and instantly fell in love with politics and world affairs. She has had experience as a delegate as well as a staff member. She has even won an award as one of the best delegates in the committee. She is an avid writer who uses words to speak up about discrimination of all kinds. She loves to play the piano and her hobbies also include reading and travelling. (PFP coming soon!)


Lorig Korajian

USG of committees

Lorig is a 12th grade International Baccalaureate student at Abbotsford Senior Secondary School, with aspirations to pursue a career in Law and International Relations. Lorig enjoys traveling, spending time with her family, and working out. Raised as a Canadian-Armenian, she was captivated by her parents’ advocacy work in the local Vancouver-Armenian Community, and she understood from a young age the importance of using our voices to speak out against the injustices that are taking place in our world. Lorig believes it is imperative that we do everything in our power to ensure that we leave this world a better place for our future generations. Lorig is honoured to be serving as the USG of Committees for AbbyMUN 2022, and looks forward to meeting you all!

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Yingfan Bai

USG of Media

A high school student at St. Michaels University school in Victoria BC, Yingfan has the utmost honour of serving as the Director for UNFAO and USG of Media at AbbyMUN 2022. Ever since her first MUN conference 3 years ago, Yingfan has grown increasingly invested in the activity. Her progression from a five-second speech to the speaker she is today would have been impossible without the support of her friends and the various staff members she has met along the way. Outside the committee room, Yingfan can be found dancing, swimming, watching Netflix, or hanging out with friends. Yingfan looks forward to meeting all delegates and sincerely hopes that AbbyMUN 2022 will be a weekend full of memories and new friendships. 


Ethan Curtis


Screenshot 2022-10-22 221515.png

Ethan is a high school student, currently studying on Vancouver Island, and is ecstatic to be serving as this year's USG of IT at AbbyMUN. Attending his first conference in 2019, Ethan was absolutely silent. Only after many failures and learning experiences, has Ethan manifested his love for Model United Nations, gaining the confidence and motivation required to engage in high-level debates. Through serving on the secretariat team at AbbyMUN, Ethan is hoping to help beginner delegates gain a similar set of memories and friendships to those he has accumulated over the past few years. Outside the exhilarating world of MUN, Ethan spends his time practicing and competing in tennis tournaments, playing the violin and piano, programming, and enjoying music. Ethan hopes to make AbbyMUN 2022 an enjoyable experience for all delegates, and looks forward to meeting them!

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