Sourav Arora


Sourav Arora is a senior enrolled in the International Baccalaureate programme at Abbotsford Senior Secondary School, and is pleased to serve as the Secretary-General of AbbyMUN’s first iteration. Sourav was captivated by Model UN ever since his first conference in Grade 9. Now in his last year of high school MUN, Sourav hopes to provide the same experience for others. He is also the founder and president of AbbotsfordMUN, a city-wide MUN club in Abbotsford. Aside from MUN, Sourav is a member of the Abbotsford Youth Council, BC Youth Parliament and tries to serve the community through different community projects. In his free time, he enjoys watching Netflix and playing basketball with friends. Sourav looks forward to making this conference a lasting memory for all involved.

Ayaan Jaraj.png

Ayaan Jeraj


Currently in his sophmore year at Prince of Wales Secondary School, Ayaan Jeraj is honoured to serve as the Director General for AbbyMUN 2021. Curious about diplomacy, politics and global affairs, Ayaan started his MUN journey in elementary school and he has since attended conferences around the world where he has enjoyed meeting new people and learning international issues. Ayaan is currently serving as the President of the Prince of Wales MUN Club and the Secretary-General of the Prince of Wales Virtual MUN Conference. When Ayaan is not engaged in MUN, he loves playing golf and soccer, listening to jazz music, running, and cheering on his favourite sports team – the Toronto Blue Jays. Ayaan cannot wait for AbbyMUN 2021 and is looking forward to meeting other passionate and like-minded youth. Please contact him if you have any questions. 

Mohkam Malik.jpg

Mohkam Malik

Chief of Staff

Mohkam S. Malik is currently a grade 11 student at Johnston heights and excited to be your Chief of Staff for ABBYMUN 2021. Over the course of the conference he hopes all delegates fall in love with mun as he has, but most of all, to enjoy their time at ABBYMUN. Other than the educational side of Model UN, he enjoys the social aspects through model UN he has been able to make new friends and connections. Mohkam is ecstatic to give back to the MUN community and serve on the ABBYMUN Secretariat team. Outside of Model UN, Mohkam can be found playing the harmonium, studying for his many IB tests and kayaking on B.C's many lakes. He hopes that despite it being Abbotsford first conference since bevmun 2019, ABBYMUN 2021 will be a remarkable iteration that will be able to provide the same exhilarating experience that made him fall in love with MUN. He is looking forward to seeing you in February!

Jasreet .jpeg

Jasreet Ghuman

USG of Conference

Currently enrolled in Grade 12 as an AP/IB certificate student at Abbotsford Senior Secondary School, Jasreet is more than honoured to be serving as the Under-Secretary-General of Conference for Abbotsford MUN 2021. While always intrigued by the prospect of international affairs and politics, Jasreet just recently joined the team. Due to personal experience, she understands how intimidating joining a club like MUN can be. Because of this, she hopes to inspire and encourage as many students as possible to join MUN, as it provides students with a valuable experience as well as a comprehensive understanding of the world on an international level, bringing many humanitarian issues to light. Jasreet has high hopes for the upcoming year, with the agenda of truly making this year’s conference stand out. She hopes to leave a legacy behind for upcoming years to follow in. In her free time, Jasreet enjoys going on runs, listening to music, and watching horror movies. She also enjoys a good true crime documentary!

Edward Naidoo

USG of Delegate Affairs + Media

Edward Naidoo is the USG of Delegate Affairs. He is going into his 12th year at Abbotsford Senior Secondary School, the school that brought him into the world of MUN. As he first started school in December everything was very calm and quiet as he came at the wrong time of the year. So he started classes in the second semester and in the meantime he would do online CLE since he did not complete that. There were courses he did not complete but that's a different story on its own with its reasons. Due to the free time he had during his time in the last leg of the first semester, he had been alone for most of the days and looked into the clubs (as it would be his first time being in clubs). What became of interest was the Model UN club and he was SO Curious about what it was about! He went into the classroom and met Sourav there when the meeting was going to start and ...  started to enjoy it. He got the chance to use research and a bit of his ideas in his arguments for the moderated caucuses (Check out our resources if you don't know that ;). What glued him into Model UN was the interactions and thrills Mods, UnMods, and delegate hangouts after the conference gave him. 

Lorig Karagian.jpg

Lorig Korajian

USG of Committees

Lorig Korajian is an 11th grade, IB Diploma student at Abbotsford Senior Secondary School. She enjoys writing, travelling, music, and going to the gym. Lorig’s passion for Politics and International Relations derives from her traditional Armenian upbringing. Learning about the injustices her nation has faced in the past, and continues facing today, has led 

her to draw connections between other global issues and seek for resolutions. Lorig hopes that with her position as USG of Committees in AbbyMUN, she is able to encourage other young individuals to further their learning of the world around them and bring more light to the crimes of humanity that have yet to receive justice.